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The Green Shower

Is the “Green Shower” inevitable?

Hi everyone, I've had my 2006 XK8 for two weeks now and have already put more than 1000 miles on it (bought it with 48K), and I've found only a couple of minor issues. I might mention that I bought this car from Nalley Jaguar; it was sold originally and serviced by them. The car is in pristine condition.

I've read through quite a few of the forum threads by now, and have almost made myself ill! Rationally, I know that the happy owners don't post as often as the ones with problems, and since I've owned a 1991 XJ-S for nearly two years and 7K miles, I know that not all the horror stories come true (i.e., my V-12 has not had an engine fire or dropped a valve seal).

However, I just found out I have convertible top hydraulic problems with the Mercedes that the XK8 is replacing, so I'm gun-shy. In the XK8, is the "green shower" a foregone conclusion? Should I bite the bullet and get the pressure valve installed now? Does using the top only sparingly help the hoses last longer?


Green shower 99 XK8, how much else needs to get fixed?

I'm a total newbie at this forum. I have a 99 XK8 convertible that I bought new in '99. It has about 75K miles. I have always taken it to the dealer or a mechanic to fix things.

I don't put the top down too much, but today it was nice out, so I thought I'd put it down to drive home from the beach. I pushed the button, the windows went down but the top didn't, so I look at where it should disconnect from the front window area and there's liquid pouring out of the switches for the garage door opener. Luckily I have a towel, since I'm at the beach, to catch it before it all runs into the gear shifter.

In the 20 minutes it takes to get home, the fluid continues to drip out of the switches, and keeps dripping after the car is off. so now there's huge oil stain in the fabric above the window and the switches are all full of this oily stuff (but still work so I can get in the house).

I read a bunch of the posts about the hoses and rebuilding the somethings, but I haven't seen anything about what to do with the ancillary damage caused by the oil. It's on my passenger seat, on the gear console as well as the bits where the garage switches are. How much other stuff is going to need to be replaced due to this green shower?

I did have all the Convertible top hydraulic fluid replaced about 6 months or a year ago because the top stopped working, so it's fairly new and the oil doesn't smell like anything.

I'm often on the verge of dumping this car as it costs me about 2K a year to keep going, but it's pretty and it usually drives nicely, so maybe I should keep it.

Suggestions on what else I have to replace after this lovely "green shower"?


Green shower question

The hoses are rated for temperature and pressure. Many of us have implemented one of the devices to mitigate the pressure issue. Temperature is still an issue. And I have a black car.

I find myself not lowering the top when it is real hot out. The hose is probably hotter than it is rated for at that time. Don't really want the top down then anyway. I put it down on cool mornings or cool evenings.

Do you all think the period between green showers is increased by following this practice?


Green shower AGAIN!

I've sprung a leak at the headliner for a second time. I installed the pressure reduction valve AND replaced the hoses with Gus' recommended Colliflower (Aftermarket Hose Vendor) supplied ones. Everything was fine for a season.

Then, today my test driver (GF) called and said "the green oil is back!". I think this is a first for a "reconditioned" system.

Oddly, we haven't touched the top controls for months; it just started leaking on its own! Is the headliner valve block under pressure all the time?

My initial guess is that that I cross threaded one of the adapters on the valve block and it took a year to for fluid to work through? Not very likely when you think about it, really. I'm sure the lines themselves aren't leaking, they are pretty tough. Maybe a leak in the plunger assembly somehow?

Oh well, a spring project...I'll keep everyone posted.


Green shower

Green shower? and how to fix it any ideas guys?

One of your hoses , at the latching mechanism, has burst. You need a set of hoses and a pint of the hydraulic fluid. The procedure is well documented in the DIY section. Takes around 5 to 7 hrs to do. The hardest part , for me, was getting the trim piece of the side of the drivers seat ( took awhile to figure it out). The line through the fuse panel was a bother too.


Green Shower INTERIM Fix Adventure Begins

Your time and money would be better spent replacing the entire hoses with one of the two heavy duty replacements available now from


Green Shower-not fun at all...

I've cycled the top maybe three times since I bought it in March. Just went to put the top down when the fun began. There goes my vacation ca$h... My intention is to put the top down manually by turning the petcock on the pump. I was in my garage with rags handy and a small basin for collecting the dreaded drippings when disaster struck. I'm about to read the Green shower stuff to get up to speed on the repair. Stay tuned...


Looking for Temporary 'fix' from joining the "Green Shower Club away from home base!"

2001 Jag XKR Convertible, 30,000 miles. Top system currently working perfectly. Probably has the original hoses but does contain green Pentosin fluid. Pressure relief valve fitted and no problems before or since. shortly will make a 3,000 mile trip to AZ and FL.

Does hydraulic pressure remain in the system while driving with the upper latch in the locked position? If it does, would an electrical or hydraulic disconnect at the pump provide the answer with no danger of loss of lock at the latch? OR simply---Does the latch need hydraulic pressure to remain securely locked?

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