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Leaking Hydraulic Fluid from Convertible Top

Step by Step Instructions

My clients say that it takes between 4.5 and 7 hours to complete this repair; that is, depending on how many Miller Lites they polished off during the process. J With your purchase, we will send you Step by Step Instructions on how to complete this repair correctly AND also give you a FREE 1 HOUR telephone consultation to help you through the process. Call today, 888-317-9340ask for Marvin.


Leaking Hydraulic Fluid from Convertible Top

I have a 2005 XK8 Convertible. Over the weekend, green hydraulic fluid started leaking from the convertible roof. I have since discovered that this is a common problem, having read about the dreaded “green shower”.

My question is given the frequency of this issue, is anyone aware if there is a Jaguar recall for it ? I currently have the vehicle with a specialist Jaguar repair shop but as they are not an approved dealer they will not start work until I say so just in case I have to move it to a dealer.

I am in Toronto, Canada. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Many thanks


Convertible Top Hydraulic Hose Leak: What Model Years?

I'm doing a little research to see what model years of XK8's and XKR's are susceptible to the Hydraulic leak. If you've had the hydraulic line burst on you, please choose your model year car in the poll above. If you haven't been lucky enough to take the green shower, please don't vote.

•  Mine is 2005 but I did not see that choice.

•  I own a 2004

•  My 2000 had the hoses replaced 3 times in 106k miles.

•  And my '02 has had the hoses replaced once.

•  Both my 99 and 06 hoses failed. I selected the 06 first but I could only vote once.

•  My hose did not fail, my ram leaked to the point the system would not operate.

•  My 06' burst 3 weeks ago! Such a disaster and lots of $$$$$$ to fix

•  My '05 burst 3 weeks ago as well

•  My 2000 exploded on me this past weekend for the first time. It was a hot day (over 100 degrees) and certainly the longest the car has been out in the heat. It was a WTF? moment as the courtesy lights in the headliner spewed out green fluid.

•  I have a 2003. My hydraulic hose burst twice. Once in 2006, and again in 2009.


Quick Poll Jaguar XK8 and Jaguar XKR Model Years (1997-2006) - Jaguar Forums

1997 – 1
1998 – 1
1999 – 23
2000 – 20
2001 – 15
2002 – 13
2003 – 14
2004 – 8
2005 – 6
2006 – 6


Convertible Top Fluid Leaking

Today when my wife tried lowering the top on our 01 XKR, hydraulic fluid started pouring out of the top console, thru the screened area. Based on her description I presume that the hose cracked or ruptured in that area.

I called the Jag dealer and they thought that same thing, they gave me an estimate of $1300-1400. Is this a dealer only fix or can I replace?? I realize that I have to remove a lot of coverings to get to the hoses. Does anyone have the instructions to replace so I can get an idea of the labor involved?? This really sucks any advice is appreciated.


Convertible Top Latch Hydraulic Problem

Yesterday I pushed the button to let the top down on my 2004 XK8. The top began to respond. Then suddenly the top stopped and greenish fluid began pouring from the area just under the convenience center under the latch assembly. Obviously a hydraulic hose or seal burst and the fluid ran out.

Is this a common problem? Is this something I can repair?? If so, how do I access the area??? And how do I replace the fluid???? HELP!!!!!


Top Hydraulic Hose Failure 2001 XK8

I closed my top today and noticed some fluid spray on the console when I came back to the car. So, I assume I have a failure at the latch. What's the best procedure to see what failed. There is no fluid accumulation in the roof console. Is the kit the cheapest way to go instead of a complete hose replacement?


'00 XKR Convertible Top Hydraulic Fluid Leak

My '00 XKR convertible top latch is currently stuck in closed position. I discovered hydraulic fluid leaking into the universal remote control area. Have done a search on the forum, found references to the ram, hose, repair kit, fluid, etc. I am unsure what parts I will need to purchase to tackle this job. My indy does not mind working with used parts either. Thanks in advance for your help.


Convertible Top Oil Leak Near Rear Left Tire

The top on my vehicle was not working properly. It would either operate slowly or would not latch. I discovered the hydraulic fluid was low. It did not leak from the windshield latch area like it did the last time, which required replacing the hose.

This time it is leaking in front of the right rear tire. I should add it did make a "whining" noise as well recently. The rear windows will not close. Any thoughts or directions? Please help.


Convertible Top Leak

Hello everyone. I know this topic has been asked and answered before. I am skeptical when it comes to buying some stuff online.

Site 1 - Jaguar Top Repair | Convertible Jaguar Hydraulic Hose Repair and Replacement in Atlanta, GA. | Call 888-317-9340(I saw a thread that someone did purchase but wondering if they needed to get additional things or the hoses fit snug on the valve and if it has survived for them so far.)

I'm very pleased with Jaguar Top Repair in Atlanta. Marvin is putting out a quality product. No regrets, and my friend and I did it in 6.7 hours/4 beers ea. This was for the two top latch hoses. Bob


Roof Hydraulic Hose Replacement

Lots of Jaguar XK8 and XKR owners have asked this question once they have fully diagnosed that they have a ruptured hose on their convertible top system. We have experience and the answers you need to get your convertible top functioning properly. Give us a call today 404-759-6600.


Convertible Top Fluid Leaking Through Headliner

I love my 2000 XK8 and have had relatively few problems with it (35,000 miles) until this morning, when I went to put the top down. I depressed the switch and then noticed hydraulic fluid dripping down from the headliner, all over the rear view mirror and down through the garage door switch, on to the transmission shifter and center console. The interior light is filled with fluid. I immediately stopped operation of the top, put the rear quarter windows up and began cleaning up the hydraulic fluid. I am afraid to try to open the top to see what broke as I don't want any more fluid all over the place. Can anyone please offer any suggestions as to what it may be and how best to fix it? Is it safe to try to lower the top? I am told that there is no way to lower the top manually. I live in Seoul, Korea and if you think Jag dealers are expensive in the US, they are twice as much here. Any way for me to fix this myself? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Convertible Top Fluid Leak

I have a 2001 XK8 convertible with 37K miles that has just begun to leak a small amount of green hydraulic fluid from the overhead console mesh screen next to the garage door opener buttons. The top was in the raised position when the leaking began, and I'm not using it. I think the problem could be heat-related.

I have considered lowering and raising the top manually, but the Driver's Handbook, pg 8-3 says: "Caution: Do not attempt to open the convertible top manually, as damage to the linkage mechanism may occur."

Have any forum members tried manually lowering and raising the convertible top? If so, what precautions did you take? Did you close the hydraulic system operating pump tap, and disconnect the electrical connector on top of the pump?

I expect that both pressure and return lines will have to be replaced, the overhead console cleaned and the hydraulic system flushed. Should I also replace the top latch assembly? Are there any pump seals that should also be replaced? Anything else you recommend?

I've read some previous posts on this subject. I'd appreciate hearing all relevant experiences, and any suggestions from forum members, especially Vic. Thanks!


Manually Lowering the Convertible Top

I've got some pretty good experience in this area feel free to give me a call with any questions. Mostly years 1997-2006.

FYI, the part number you'll need to replace the hose is Jaguar part HJB8256AB. If you are doing the repair yourself, I can be a big help. Call me with your questions.



Jaguar Hydraulic Hose Replacement Services for Convertible Top Models
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